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This world may seem to be all there is,

but that’s to forget our dreams as kids,

With their bodies all tucked up in bed,

children’s minds go and meet instead,

At a place full of hope and light,

where the children play and never fight,

A most vibrant place of gorgeous colour,

filled with the noise of children’s laughter,

In a world where imagination rules,

it may feel that it’s a place for all,

But still there are some that hate,

but they go on to a different place,

One still linked to the world of dreams,

they dominant a different realm,

Overshadowed by a half dead man,

who is gaunt and bent with a horrid plan,

to halt the way he is turning into bones,

He schemes from his rotting throne

To invade all the children’s dreams,

and steal their minds as they sleep,

he convinced himself it’ll save him still,

From the horrors waiting for him in hell,

And so he gathered himself to his fullest height,

and set off on his deadly plight,

walking away from the dark dank church,

gliding past vultures perched,

He raised his hand to summon forth,

stinking beasts of a destructive force,

One by one they followed him,

until the falling light became dim,

At once they reached the bridge of dead men’s skulls,

the horde were eager to make their first quick cull,

Marching onwards, the sound of feet,

was echoing through the dark dense trees,

The sound of the man and his stinking beasts,

was striking fear into the cowering kids,

But it did them no good to hide in fear,

For when the man was drawing near,

He let the beasts loose so they ran wild

they rounded up all most every child,

However, they didn’t count on one brave soul,

The one boy who hid but still saw all,

Even though he was so scared,

He knew he had to try and save his friends,

And waited until the evil man turned back,

for the beasts had left marks he could track,

the boy followed the tracks with ease,

Tracing a path through the dark dense trees,

with the evil man and beasts in sight,

A twig snapped giving the boy a fright,

a snap the man and beasts heard clear,

which turned fright to fear,

The man held a hand to steady the horde,

as they stopped you could hear the beasts all snort,

and turn to the where the boy was stood

as man step onto a stump of perished wood

Raising his voice so all noise ceased,

he raged “you stupid, foul, stinking beasts,

there is still a child within these trees.

and sooner you get that child while its fresh,

The sooner you’ll be able to dine on its flesh”

and upon hearing the evil man’s words

The boy stood so he was heard,

and cried “ your evil plan may have nearly worked,

but evil folk like you are always cursed,

You’ll never succeed in what you plan to do,

as long as I am here, I’ll stop you!”

The beasts turned towards the boy,

The evil man’s smile was almost coy

as he made himself above the raising din

oh little boy how can you possibly win?

Look at the beasts, they outnumber you this time,

and now you’ll have to prepare to die”

At that the boy stood his ground,

which shook at every beast’s bound,

and shouted at the evil man in indignation,

You forget old man, this place exists on imagination”

as the boy broke from the trees,

he stood tall to face the beasts,

and using the power of his imagination,

thought of ways to send the beasts to damnation,

At first he grew so tall,

that soon he towered over all,

And he found that half the beast weren’t so brave,

as they ran away to the nearest caves,

and as the other half looked so unsure,

The boy made himself miniscule,

he slipped behind the remaining half,

and thought it was time at last,

to transform himself into a giant spider,

and see last beasts run off, faster than tigers,

left was just the evil man as he raged,

and the boy’s friends trapped and caged.

My beasts may have failed me,

but I’m the one, you shall see,

that should be feared through this land,

Soon I will play my hand

because once I’ve eaten these children minds

I’ll live for ever and make this land mine”

but the boy had other plans,

and took a step towards the man,

his head filled with stories of young knights’ deeds,

the boy thought himself up a strong white steed,

and with it a suit of strong silver armour,

as he didn’t want to underestimate the old man’s power

and immediately the old man tested it well,

by conjuring up a powerful spell,

that would give you the head of a bat,

and a body of an very big meerkat,

but the armour was fit for a lord,

with it the boy imagined a golden sword,

and set the stead to a mighty gallop,

swooped passed the man, hit him with a mighty wallop,

using the point of the sword he pushed the man further still,

till they got to the bridge of dead men’s skulls,

and the boy commanded thus;

From this day you shall never pass!

This world is sacred to children under 10,

and we will never see your like again,

you’re banished here until your end of days,

until the devil himself takes you away”

Upon hearing this the evil man screamed,

and was never as scary as he had seemed,

in the cage the boy’s friends were all in shock,

using the golden sword the boy broke the lock,

so now that all the kids were free,

it was now time that them and he,

all went back to the clearing where light still shone,

so they could all wake up and be at home,

One by one they woke in their beds,

some were quiet but all were scared,

though they may have been told it was all a dream,

don’t forget, sometimes, there is more then there seems.


About David Stares

Starter of many things, finisher of none.

One comment on “Dreams

  1. Peronius
    July 19, 2012

    An epic tale that reminded me of the magical worlds of Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings and C.S.Lewis’ Narnia books.

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