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Life Isn’t Something You Can Just Leave






Life isn’t something you can just leave.
Sometimes it’ll take you somewhere nice
It’ll give you all the joys and pleasures you feel you deserve
stuff you full of your familiar treats, maybe some new exotic ones you’ve never tried
catch you by surprise
But then
Sometimes it’ll punch you in the gut, leave you nowhere with no one to call
or rip the curtain off you naked in the shower stall.
Life isn’t perfect.
Sometimes it pisses on the mat
Sometimes it cuts the bagel so there’s one side paper flat
or it’ll try to hush up the stairs in the dark quietly trying not to wake you and accidentally kick the cat.
Life tries its best but doesn’t always live up.
It’s not its fault if you expect too much.

Life doesn’t always make sense
Sometime it’s drunk and slobbering saliva everywhere
Sometimes it’s trying to figure out do all it’s agreed to
or trying to tell you something important with a numbed dentist mouth.

Sometimes Life is comforting. Life could be worse.
Life could tell you it doesn’t love you after many years then kiss someone else
or it could treat you like the void of opening a wallet or purse to find no money inside when needed.

Sometimes Life feels small
like inside a circled destination on a map
Sometimes it’ll feel trapped like it’s behind one of those criss-cross fences
or life will be adventurous
like the open road and a begun ramble.

Sometimes, Life just tells you to fuck it.
So you’ll go at it without a care in the world,
maybe dance like you’re a puppet
or climb in a tree for the sheer hell of it.

Sometimes Life just is.
Sometimes Life cannot be condensed into a mere fraction of a line or a poem.
Sometimes, or maybe always , you cannot quite capture how it feels to walk with Life on a sunny day
with nothing on your mind but It and the moment.No laboured breath. No Urgency.No tragic tomorrows or never will be’s. Not tonight. Only you and life together in that now.

Life isn’t something you can just leave.
You’ve made a long commitment to it and you better stick with it.


3 comments on “Life Isn’t Something You Can Just Leave

  1. helenjbeal
    July 22, 2012

    I really enjoy this and I think because although the overall feel is that life is a battle and we are often let down, the moments of sunlight are so strong we can’t fail to strive for them. I want to climb that tree.

  2. Peronius
    July 22, 2012

    This speaks from the heart of life’s relentless struggle and is full of dark truth. I was glad of the relief near the end, with mention of sunny days and the final stoic sentiments, also expressed in the title. One thing I’ve discovered that has helped as I’ve got older is that finding the ability to laugh at life can help defuse its relentless ability to kick you in the balls!

  3. scottf321
    July 22, 2012

    Thank you for the kind comments.Thanks to whoever added the image.I was having issues I guess.

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