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Like a Bull in a China Shop.






“I’m truly sorry man’s dominion
Has broken Nature’s social union,”-Robert Burns.

In Scots:

Copernicus showed we urnae the centre e the univ’rse
,sorry tae tak the swell oot e yer purse.
Darwin screivin sae we wid see
,we urnae it the tope e the tree.
Aw else hus telt ,
wur bit sma empty notches oan an epic belt.

Ae grawin, society’s kyte wioot a dowp
dunt doon hale wuids,Lochs drainit an fair left us in a cowp.
We cannae cairry oan the wiey we dae,
Guzzle oor civilizations scran an slitter
attery keech aroon like glitter.

Burns,seas an moun”ins, caw fer eident response
whae wi canny cadence kin act as nature’s sconce?…
We cannae tak time tae swither and dither
,we ither carry oan iz we ure or chose oursels a path anither.
if nuhin kin thirl our siven nations whin aw is agley
,thin whit maire iz thur we kin dae whun eirth ails sae badly?

The West spaks a guid deal
bit cannae git ower itself
tae see in it’s ane een, the big speal.
Insteid e bein’ quick tae clype
we shid try tae cultivate oor ane gairden
haughs an glens and hae nae ilk wi bumbased gype.

In industrial blether, we skyte an follae
hurded like sheep by Capitalism’s collie.
we hae impetuous tae seek reunion wi the mither
find oot ,settle nae doot, how tae live thegither.
Gif mechanry wis chored by Prometheus
we shairley need tae chore a sheave
e paradise anaw tae drap lown sichts aboot us.


English translation:-

Copernicus showed we aren’t the centre of the universe.

sorry to take the swell out of your purse.

Darwin writing so we would see

we aren’t at the top of the tree.

all else has told,

we’re but small empty notches on an epic belt.

always growing,society’s belly without an end(or bottom)

knocked down whole woods,Lochs drained an quite left us in a tip(mess).

we can’t carry on the way we do

swallow greedly our civilizations food(i.e. oil)  an messily leave

poisionous crap around like glitter.

streams,seas and mountains call for conscientious and urgent response.

who with careful cadence (i.e. flow or rhythm) can act as nature’s shelter/defence.

we can’t take time to hesitate or be indecisive.

we either carry on as we are or chose ourselves a path,another.

if nothing can bind our seven nations when all is askew/awry/wrong.

then what more is there we can do when the earth ails so badly?

The west speaks a good deal

but can’t get over itself

to see in it’s own eye, the big splinter.

instead of being quick to  tell on/grass up

we should try to cultivate our own garden

low lying meadows and glens  and have nothing in common with confused fool(s).

In industrial nonsense talk,we rush and follow

herded like sheep by Capitalism’s collie.

we have impetuous to seek reunion with ‘the mother'(i.e. earth)

find out,settle no doubt,how to live together.

If mechanry/machinery i.e. Industry was stolen by Promethus

we surely need to steal a slice

of paradise  as well to drop calm/placid/serene sights about us.


4 comments on “Like a Bull in a China Shop.

  1. Peronius
    July 22, 2012

    Thanks for the English translation, which helped me to understand the words. That said, it is undoubtedly more beautiful in the original Scots and I agree with the sentiments expressed. I look forward to reading more in this fascinating language.

  2. mauledbypuma
    July 22, 2012

    “Capitalism’s collie” – Nice image and alliteration although Collies are seen as quite intelligent whereas Capitalism….then again I can’t think of any breeds of dogs that begin with C at the moment.

  3. mauledbypuma
    July 22, 2012

    Actually thinking about it I’ve changed my mind. The Collie can be seen as smart but not necessarily as much as other dogs/animals.

  4. scottf321
    July 22, 2012

    Thanks guys. Thanks for adding the images too onto the poems ,I was having a bit of an issue at the time.

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