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To Know Me Not is to Love Me Not





What do you mean when you say you love me?
What do you see, looking at me?

The me that I see is the me within me
But you are not free to look on that me.

So the me that you see is not the real me
Just the me that you think of when thinking of me.

And that cannot be the me inside me
That looks back at you so lovingly.


About Peronius

An ape, clinging to a ball of rock, lost in a void, trying to smile.

2 comments on “To Know Me Not is to Love Me Not

  1. helenjbeal
    July 22, 2012

    When I started to read this, I was a bit, “yeah, so what?” but you have encapsulated so much within so few lines I am in awe. And tremendous control of words.

    • Peronius
      July 22, 2012

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. And you’ve picked another lovely image – don’t know how you find them! And thanks for capitalizing the title. I actually uploaded it capitalized, then changed it to lowercase, for some reason, but with hindsight I think it’s better now you’ve corrected it back.

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