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What is a Friend?

When you’ve fallen in a hole
And trouble takes a heavy toll
A real friend will jump in too
And give up everything, for you

When you’ve dug deep and tried to live
And given all that you can give
So that there’s really nothing left
A true friend won’t leave you bereft

Most will just treat you like a fool
And mock in ways that may seem cruel
But a real friend will cross the street
To help you get back on your feet

And when you’ve overstepped the mark
And most friends keep you in the dark
A true friend has the guts to tell
The painful truth, to serve you well

When you’ve squandered all your dough
And phoney friends don’t want to know
A real friend will seek you out
And offer help, without a doubt

When the tunnel’s really dark
And there’s no light, and there’s no spark
And everyone has let you down
A real friend will lift your frown

A friend is one who gives you hope
When you’re dangling from a rope
And when the world just passes by
A friend is someone who says “Hi”

So don’t think everyone is cruel
And never think that you’re a fool
Have courage, friend, and if you find
A real friend: be kind, be kind.


About Peronius

An ape, clinging to a ball of rock, lost in a void, trying to smile.

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This entry was posted on July 22, 2012 by in Poetry.
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