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New Claes.

Kinna inspired by Robert Fergusson’s Braid claith.

While I’ve done broad scots poems, here’s one limited to just Midlothian scots. 


Ye cannae beat pittin oan new claes.
It’s the end e the week an,
ye’ve hud yin e thae days.

Dried fae the shooer,awiey oot
kennin yer guidness
doesnae need packaged
in a fancy suit.

Others mibye dress
tae impress.
Bit the philosophy’s aye been-
style ower substance,maire is less.

No tryin tae be suhin yer no
jist dressin’ how ye feel braw, an hopin’ the barrie being ye ure
is oan show.

It’s no Paris fashion week,
ye’re here tae live no huv folk deek.

In English:-

You can’t beat putting on new clothes.
It’s the end of the week an,
you’ve had one of those days.

Dried from the shower,away out 
knowing your goodness 
doesn’t need packaged
in a fancy suit.

Others maybe dress
to impress.
But the philosophy’s always been-
style over substance,more is less.

Nto tryin tae be something your not 
just dressin’ how you feel good/excellent/fine(positive connotations), an hopin’ the fine/excellent/good/brilliant(positive connotations) being you ure
is on show.

It’s not Paris fashion week,
you’re here to live not have folk look/peep



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