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Woodland Gathering.

Based on a vivid dream I had which must be part inspired by things from real life.I did ask for a inspiring dream and I got one!


The ecosystem mourns the passing of a friend.
It’s as if they all gather to see it to the end.
Collectively each animal plays it’s part,
like they’re stepping up to say goodbye
and look over how the dead depart.
One wraps,one digs and buries
sorrowfully the deceased.
As decay and the processes of nature kick in,
the creature looks restfully at peace.

I am the observer of this at it occurs,
we’re not so different despite the claws and furs.
Nature gave us life as a gift,
then it takes us back in it’s hand.
This budding,blossoming and wilting-all part of what it’s planned.

Death is not isolation,
though we feel the hurt of the loss as lack,
death is proudly generous and willingly gives back.
In each passing,new light,new chance ,new hope.
Death is a necessary part of the cycle,
however unpleasant with,we find it to cope.

Through the Mortal cycle,all try to draw good from what is gone.
Death is not leaving,it’s taking a part in feeding the world family
and also returning to your native source-Mother home.
Meaning, worth and lesson-All death contain.
If only we shift it’s sands for gold,
panning out all the pain.


2 comments on “Woodland Gathering.

  1. Peronius
    August 22, 2012

    I like the gentle honesty expressed in this piece. There is no fear of death, but simply one of quiet resignation and respect for nature’s recycling system. The rhyming pattern is also understated and quite effective.

  2. helenjbeal
    August 22, 2012

    Lovely – here’s Jerry Coyne’s blog post on animals’ consciousness of death that I mentioned tonight:

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