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If this really is the modern age.

The news is a horror story without end.
Sadly it’s compassion not disbelief, most find they suspend.

As there’s more bullet riddled bodies
idiots have the cheek to say
– don’t take our guns, our protection, our liberty away!
Arms are too risky and should be limited even then only used with shame
or else won’t be long before the tombs are engraved, with yet another name.

Julian Assange has defiantly exposed the truth
but we shouldn’t assume anything too quickly because we have no proof.
I hope he can be believed, that would be a scandal I wouldn’t like to see
but that gives the UK not right to threaten to storm the embassy.
I commend Educador for its worry about his Extraordinary rendition
but I doubt there human rights record is glowing so it’s a hypocritical position.

Apologies for Rape, it’s just part of ‘the sex game’
Does Galloway have a daughter? because I’m sure he wouldn’t feel the same.
Old fashioned attitudes are confessed, consent is not the importance of relation
Apparently she’s agreed to whatever you do to her, when you go home with her after meeting at the station.
That’s like calling victims of this crime, whiney boys or sluts.
Maybe he meant to say that, but such slimy worms don’t have the guts.

As if the coalition’s austerity wasn’t bad as it can be
some blue-nosed bastards want to take us back a century.
They think of us as all slackers too difficult to sack.
They want to rake through employment law and then as if it’s a weed, to cut it back.
These 18th century crusties want to dismantle the minimum wage.

I sometimes doubt if this really is, the modern age.
I wonder if this is all a disturbing textbook bygone,to disappear when I turn the page.
Nae such luck
this is the decade of selfishness, of ‘If I’m okay,nothing else matters’
Few seem to give a fuck.


One comment on “If this really is the modern age.

  1. Peronius
    August 26, 2012

    I like this piece of comment, which is obviously from the heart, and much of it struck a chord with me, although I don’t agree with your rather politically-correct condemnation of Galloway. I’m not particularly a supporter of any politician, and I do think his comments were certainly ill-judged and foolish. However, I suspect that they were likely to have been inspired, not by disrespect for others, but rather from a possibly naive but well-meant respect for truth and freedom.

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