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This is how it’s been.


The ant crawling on my skin
heated by hot beams of sol solace
the world’s fucked but people won’t care
while they can get a tan and girls skin goes bear.
I didn’t do much writing
distracted by all I survey
Lose an hour laying on the grass
snoozed in public purvey,hope didn’t go foetal.
beer at the beach, reconcile yourself with reality as it is
and as it was.
Emo girl in the Queue,piercing and natural looks
“You really need me to go back in ,don’t you?”
pink Angel delight
pasta desperations.
Ducks in my earholes.
bag like a dead sloth eating the womb of the earth tearing at it’s uterine linning until it bleeds like Fracked sediments.
why so hot and cold Pasty tax
Castro and the pope compare gibbet rope
for the public gallery of hating humanity
uninspired over the green railway bridge
shit all for sandwhiches in the fridge.
explosive blue spark lightswitch.
-From 30/3/12.

3 comments on “This is how it’s been.

  1. Peronius
    August 29, 2012

    I love the line ending in ‘…Fracked sediments’ – positively dripping with angst! And I like the last two lines, as well. I don’t understand the one about Castro and the Pope, though?

  2. mrexistentialangst
    August 29, 2012


    Flow thoughts
    out of ephemeral
    pen taps fingers scratch
    show us what silver winged things hatch
    freed Pandora unlatched
    from your mind’s grasping
    reverse trepanning
    your world into mine
    “Being Scottf321”

    Thank you for the rabbit hole,
    and the Fracking ants!

  3. scottf321
    September 2, 2012

    The poem was a rambling roundup of recent events on my life plus whatever was going on in the world at the time. Alot of it seems nonsense unless you know the context. The bit on Castro and the pope.. well, Castro and the Pope met and I was being critical of them both.

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