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You took me here.

Maybe I’m ugly
but not as much as you
cant take this, cant take this no more
my minds scattered on sheets of paper on the floor
she goes, I know, its true.I’m bland, shes so bored
If it wasnt true I wouldn’t find myself always ignored
So indifferent so seeking to be adored
Cant trust you, no not anymore.
Dont trust too much you’ll only be let down
but really does she think im the one
or is it false faced when she calls me ‘hun’
I’m too broken to even try
I’m too scared to die
I’d live but I fear
Walk these streets but my heart is no longer here
doubt made a cripple outta me
maybe its destiny
for sure its falling badly
bad mistake putting me to the test
I’m too weak, a failure you see
victim of circumstance
why don’t i have faith to trust
so many questions
im insecure im not sure
im in love shes so pure
im so neurotic
its erotic
I touch her words it, hurts too much just being here
tie me tight, block the light
I wont wake up or put up much of a fight
missing for 7 days
god is dead god is gay
the world is in disarray
maybe im all out of breath
maybe i dont have the strength
everythings so meaningless
I’m dead and I’m alone in this
these are the times that try
tears they dont know I cry
I find myself off somewhere else asking why
I live in a house but i dont feel at home
she listens to a song
to keep her sane through the night and the unending..rain
shes too far away away from me, im alive only because im in agony
I touch her words it hurts too much just being here
It takes so much to find reason here
this must be the longest year
I need you now
I’d bring you back, if i knew how
show me how.
I crossed a line
please god let me take it back
I cant live without her
shes all I lack

– First Written 20/7/2008 from a dark time.


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