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Don’t let it Get You Down


Author’s Note:

This poem was my first unsuccessful attempt at writing a villanelle, partly inspired by reading (and hearing) Dylan Thomas’ Do not go gentle in that good night. I could go into detail of the structure but the link should give you the details. It’s an unsuccessful villanelle because although it follows the rhyme scheme it repeats a phrase (“don’t let it get you down”) rather than a full sentence (“don’t let it get you down” should be repeated but just on it’s own). I considered altering it to make it a proper villanelle but I  liked the poem as it was. I have written a proper villanelle but I don’t particularly like it (I found it a tad cheesy). 



In the Job Centre don’t let get you down.

A lifetime ago and now there’s this,

Benefit book in hand, in line with a frown.

Twenty-five years old and turning into a tragic clown;

Dreams of travel, of being far away and sunny bliss;

Instead a lonely train ride, don’t let it get you down.

On towards another strange town

All those friends back home I would miss

And now those strange statues sculpted with a frown,

Weak people perhaps would drown.

A wayward life, gone amiss

Alone again; don’t let it get you down.

Stoic through the seasons as leaves turn brown

Until the Summer, the sun offers up a kiss

Respite from life pursued with a frown.

Casual drinks with friends down the town

Those worthless feelings we should dismiss.

After today tomorrow so don’t let it get you down

There’s no need to frown.


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One comment on “Don’t let it Get You Down

  1. Helen J Beal
    October 24, 2012

    I’ve not heard of a villanelle before – I think we should discuss this in detail tonight and set it as the next task for the group!

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