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A Dwam

Ah tak tent
oan aw ah’ve did an meant.
Turn ma mind tae it’s sel,
tae a thote gey teuch an snell.
Wunnerin how lowse am ah,
Gif ah keek owre the past,mony an auld blianna.

The gloamin graws tae mirk.
Is aw life’s mynt
sair an wark?
Love’s fair a guddle,
Yitt is the umbrellae unner
we aw try ‘ae huddle.

Is a bodie waled tae thole a dree
– a smirr o skaith wioot remeid?
ense aye comin tae bear the gree
an dook in a burn o seil insteid.

Sklidderie’s the grun that hauds ma thocht.
Is Ilka oor maire thin nocht?
ah speir nae doot,
Gin ilk quern gangs doon the chute.


One comment on “A Dwam

  1. Helen J Beal
    October 24, 2012

    I still am very much enjoying ‘Love’s fair a guddle’ and am very much looking forward to seeing if we have any love stories with umbrellas later on! Hope you’ve had a good few weeks.

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