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To Morpheus, in Thanks

Morpheus ah maun gie thanks,
dreamin’ hus fit thotes intae the idea banks.
Ma hand pits tae work yin e ma nine
fair in a scowp.
Images an pictures oot ma heid jist lowp.
Wid ye be wantin’ a Gill
Gaun maister e the dwam tume the stowp,
huv yer fill!

Lang ah tried tae screive oan trowth.
Imaginations airts no forthcomin’
Creativity’s ingle doon tae an aizle.
Aiblins it ingaithered in the wame
abidin’ fer a shooer like plumpin rain.

Like a massie bicker ah mustae been fou,
riddy tae burst an lighten the way is does the gloamin hue.
Ah’ve dree’d the block stowed ahint dam’s gate,
Nou words poor furth in a spate.

Ah’ll caw ye maist blest,
King e dreams
if ye gie this sma scratcher
passage intae the close e ither
such inspired scenes.


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