A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

Foosty Auld Philosophers.

Hear this Autodidact weill learnt laddie
says tae yous fae the academy
-whit guid is metaphysics, fer mi?

Unkent tae real warl dealin’s
yer unco birled in yer ane feelin’s
Ye slaister vauntie jargon scunnert eh aw
flyte wi yer nichtshadae
fash and clout yer heid agin the waa.

whae needs speir why be guid?
or scanse gif we baith keek oan the same rid
whun aw we want is ‘hank marvin’ folk tae git fid.

Aristotle screives fer the interestit reader
Hume can be a braw mind feeder
bit in the end ye dey need either
– tae huv a thochtfu life.

Minerva’s owl mey sit oan yer shooder
an screetch an hoot aw the looder
Bit life’s anchor draws up lessons aw the ruder.

Sae in feenishin’ ah hae this tae say
spend leisure an tak pleasure
in reading thur wisdom gif ye dae
ah’ll ainly warn
maire schoolin’ oors are providit by the licht eh the day
thin aw printit page readin’ kin convey.


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