A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

Love the Struggle

Bus stop beats,

tap stamp of damp feet,

grey thunder flutters ,

and rushes to the drain.


As rain beats on rain,

the curtains draw in,

the world shrinks in hunches and huddles,

to running noses, dripping chins,

and lonely puddles.


And then,

you slip, shy smile

under my umbrella to wait a while,

hips head toes,

warm and close,

shock to pleasure saturates.


But pitter patter scatters vain plans,

of aimless chatter.

So I mime,

shrug, awkward, shoulders,

grin and nod.


And you smile.


And I fall.


Through mazes of my own making,

oracle blinded, by a hazel haired Venus.

We entangle,

assumptions and expectations,

root vine bind and twine,

imagination to intoxication.


I blurt out unthinking.

“Our kids would look amazing.”

Just as the tempest quiets,

the smile cracks and worry riots.

Apologies and explanations.

“Sorry, I forgot my medication?”

“Weirdo”, you mutter.

“Sorry”, I stutter.

“I swear I’m not a psychopathic umbrella wielding nutter!”


And as I try to impale myself on my umbrella,

skies clear, sun shines, birds twitter.

And I am not bitter.

We both are guilty of imagining what the other’s not.

Stuck in delusions plot,

that is our lot.

So fool join the parade,

smile, dance, and believe in the charade,

to love the struggle.

Drop the umbrella and learn to juggle.


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