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Some Gaidhlig poetry fer yez.






Anochd is tu bhuam By Aonghas MacNeacail (AKA Black Angus or Aonghas dubh)

Hear him read the poem himself on his personal site  ( Scroll down to the middle of the page and there’s a box on the left)

In Scots gaelic(Gaidhlig):-

ged a bhiodh cuairt nan reul

eadar mi is tu

cha chrìon an snàth-sìoda

a chuibhrich thu rium

a cheangail mi riut,

agus a-nochd is tu bhuam

tha mi san dubhar

cur bhriathran thugad

luchd mo chridhe

faclan trom dorcha gun chruth,

foghair is connrag

a’ sìolachadh gu ciall,

mar a tha duilleach nan craobh

a’ cromadh nan geug,

anns an doilleir

san oiteag

a’ mireadh an guirme

priobadh na camhanaich


in English(  his own translation from his own site)  :-

Although the journey of the stars

were between you and me

the thread of silk will not decay

that bound you to me,

that tied you to me

and tonight,you being far from me

I am in darkness,sending words to you

my heart’s cargo ,

heavy dark words without shape

vowel and consonant multiplying to sense

as the foliage of trees bends their branches

in the breeze,

leaves sporting their green,

first flicker of dawn.


For more on Gaeli see  or

Mar sin leibh.


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