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The young won’t show respect if you load the deck.

Reply to poem by AlwaysCaliban called Kids these days-

It’s always the prerogative of the old
to find a younger generation to scold,
but for every 4 horror stories you’ve got,
there’s 10 more good ones which go untold
-such is the message the media is pleased,
to have sold.

It’s so easy to mourn wailing ” the world’s going to the dogs!”
and lash out “I hope they stop having sprogs”.
But instead of listening to Conservative voices chirping like frogs
look to both sides of the issue
-perspective cleared of biased fogs.

You see I’ve said and thought as much myself
worried if ethics,intellect and worthwhile tradition will be left on the shelf.
But there’s two sides to every story
and unreasonableness helps no one’s mental health.

In all likelihood, your parents said the same about people you knew,
so it’s not like a barbarian fold has entered to lead a coup.
Doomsday stories are appealing and easy,’mayan apocalypse codes’
but older people have been sayin it since Horace wrote the Odes.

You mention young people impatient and makin a fuss,
Have you not seen old people jumpin the queue for the bus?
You mention girls little dressed an tryin to tease
but maybe consider it a symptom of a society formed with the thought it’s men they have to please.
You talk of Hard boys puffing out their cheasts giving it attitude
it’s not just teenagers stupidly buying into a false image of manhood.
sounds familiar when you talk of being spoiled and media-led
I think your critique would be better directed at western consumerist society instead.
and as to hierarchy and monetary gain
there you’ve pointed at the vacuous values which our
capitalist society tells us to aim.

Now course I despair at somethings I see done by the youth of today
But everything you’ve mentioned certain adults express in abundance
,they can act just the same way.
Neither of the two is more to blame,
all of the race of earth share some slice of a failing,a reason to feel shame.

My point here is hopefully made.
My mission is to bring light on the subject
as when the sun brings the mountain out of the shade.
Balance is needed,ancestor worship can be horribly overplayed.
I’m just making sure both sides of the story are relayed
and points for and against the argument are said.

Peace and love,
have a good day.
Yours sincerely, S.


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