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Desiderata(in Scots)

Desiderata(in Scots)

Scots translation and slight re-interpretation of Desiderata. See the original here



Gang cantie amang the rammie an wheech, an member whit peace thir aye is in lowntime.
Iz faur Iz possible wioot surrender be on guid terms wi aw folk.
Speak yer truth quately an clearly; and lit yer lug tak tent tae ithers, even the dour an glaikit; they tae huv thair story.
Avoid vauntie an barniesome folk, they ure bothersome tae smeddum.
Gif ye compare yersel wi ithers, ye’ll faw tae gien yersel a vaudie snell sel ;
Fer ayewis thur wull be michty an smaer persons thin yersel.

Breuk yer achievements an yer ettles tae.
Hode interestit in yer career, howiver hummle; It’s gowd in the chyngin weirds ay tide.
Caw canny in yer business affairs; fer the warl is fou ay begowkers an pauchlers.
Bit dinnae be blin tae whit hie moarals thur is; mony folk warsle fer hie ideals;
an aw aboot , life is fule ay hiroism.

Be nane bit yersel.
mair, dey pit oan fainness.
Nither be creetical aboot love; fer in the face ay aw stramashes an disappyntment it’s ayebidin like the heather.

Tak kindly couthlie the coonsil ay years, graciely yieldin the hings ay youthheid.
Fesh up virr ay sowel tae bield ye in suddent mishanter. Bit dinnae fash yersel wi dreid.
Mony whae ure feard ure puggled an alane. Ayont a hailsome rander, be douce wi yersel.

Ye ure a bairn ay the univ’rse, nae less thin the trees an the starns;
ye huv a richt tae be here.
An whither or no it’s kent tae ye, nae doot the univ’rse is unfauldin iz it shuid.

Syne be it peace wi the cosmos, whativer meanin ye find tae gie it,
an whativer yer darg an mynts, in the clamjamfrie ay life keep peace ben yer sowel.
Wi all its blaflum, trauchles an braken dreams, it is still a bonnie warl. Be canny. Wark tae be blythe.


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