A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

Rose/Thistle Antisyzygy

In the Cauld Novemeber Froast
Thair ah um oan the Sussex Coast
Far fae hame,fae aw ah ken
Stranger in a fremmit land,gey loast.
Bognor toon ah’ve gote tae leave
Fer leafy Lothians caller air tae breathe.

Ah came here an thae didnae ken what ah spoke
ah wis the butt e ivery joke
Ma identity took a noke
social pressure kept it under loke.

Ah’m unco sad in missin the fly ay the Saltire ower the lift.
Auld Reekie, that maist noble auld battle scarred wummin -ye dinnae ken how much yer missed.
Midlothian , how ah miss aw yer wee quiet beauty spots,neuks an crannies
Even mibbe jist,yer neds an grannies.

Fashed wi distan’ loass
Hink ay the mercat whan lookin’ at Chichester’s croass.
Ferget Brighton Piers an Worthin’ beaches
Ah’ll tak Pentlan’ hills an Auld toon bridges
whae atween lang syne an presint reaches.

Progress an arts mey win the day in Brighton
Bit gie mi a walk doon the Glen in Roslin.
Ah’ll trade ye Winchester’s upper cless elites
fer ordinary folk oan 37 an 47 Lothian bus seats.

Ah’ve hud well guid fun,
ither times felt low like dirt aneath the sun.
Fae ye it aw ah’ve learnt alote
lessons aboot life,love,masel and chynges inside mi ye’ve brote.

Layin’ oot in Hotham park
gittin peace.
Listenin’ tae songs aboot sailors,
memberin the docks ay leith.
Elmer felt like the Warlds End
bit wioot Canongate cobble stane.
an Fergusson,ma makar frien.

The Haar roond iz we wur oan oor ghost tour
That floodin thit began wi the Smirr
aw in that wee auld seaside toon, Bognor.
Fae the cinema tae the methodist church by the pub
weilcomin, yitt no like the straivaig up the Royal mile tae The Hub.

Ah dinnae mind tae gaun tae Littlehampton seein ma friends insteid
but aye mind the flouers in the florist an ma ‘aunt Lucy’s ‘ hoose in Loanheid.
Aye an ma faither wis born in Imrie place,Penicuik
Sussex hus nae sic like Neuk.
but fair mony places ye’d git a drook.
Barnam ah’ve gone through bit nivir been
much like gaun tae Buckie but no tae Aiberdeen.

Ah first set fit oan soothhampton.
Nou ah’ll swap it fer ma bonny ane,

Ah’ve seen it aw-
simmers sonsie smiles,
winters baltic braith
ended romances,
an a daith.



Sussex, ye micht huv aw yer wash an, it aw
weil ah confess ah dinnae git it ataw.
Gulls an sea urnae fer mi
giez hills,glens an cobbled city.


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