A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

Tae Wordsmith Wednesday.


Bye tae the crew,

ah’m awfie sorry tae be leavin you

bit ah maun move oan

an start ma life anew.

Cheers tae Yez!
Fer these guid times,
Ah thote ah’d write yous some braw lines.
Ah’ve been doon here many years,nearly four
Yitt, ainly nou huv ah come acrosse a venerable core
-Whae’s screivin hus opened a creautivs door
an taen ma mind where it’s nivir been afore.
We’ve huv craics an ploys,
difficulties an joys
fae strugglin tae write,tae strugglin tae hear ower the noise.

Yer complany ah’ve much enjoyed
an ah hope ma bletherin hus no tae much annoyed.

Here’s tae yous aw,
whae’s like like you
aw deid ah hink

-Jist yous few!


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