A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

Tasty Heifers

From this month’s thirty minute micro-fiction exercise, for the title, I thank Mike:

The cattle government was having its annual meeting.

‘We need more fields,’ lowed the Minister of Food.

‘More sheds,’ mooed the Minister of Don’t Lie Down When It’s Going to Rain. Her name was Milky Way.

‘We’re breeding too fast,’ claimed Daisy, the Prime Minister, heavily pregnant for the ninth time. ‘We need more humans.’

‘They don’t work hard enough, the humans,’ said Milky Way. ‘They’re lazy – letting woodland grow all over our grazing land.’

‘And they make the best sheds too small for us – with stairs,’ added the Minister for Food, Dolly.

‘What can we do to whip them into shape?’ asked Daisy, chewing the cud.

‘We need to motivate them,’ Dolly mooed.

‘Well,’ said Daisy. ‘I heard they’re bored of just eating vegetables.’


About Helen J Beal

I love writing, reading, sailing, water, beaches, knitting sometimes, cakes, cashmere, silk and prosecco always and the odd pork pie. Give me fresh air and a good night's sleep and I can win the world.

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