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Surreal Haiku #3 [Processed/Unprocessed]


Processed through the Cut-Up Machine. Re-edited to make it, somewhat, readable.




Nowt a vivant, the poor clockwise Crane the game? Float for wave amongst percent dress you! Exorcism the bad! Ersatz Birthday not! Say: “course, wha, sh. Bad!” Ersatz wave sunset. Desert camera… There INSERT! This INSERT! This the camera… There I stand real. Maybe you! Exorcism vivant, thank clockwise Crane the amongst the wha’ing the Mister Tie.

Lady… Off youths?

I’ve sponge: a sh eighty decade, the REAL camera… there India. Death the gums, Set mind. But SNAP! High real. Maybe up, hear: Friday. The gums, set no ha? Camera… there India. Death percent wha sh the gums. Set youths? I’ve eff up, on course wave the wha of Birthday, Birthday dancer! Burrito season see the visit. Where Mondays? Lord Mister for bad! Ersatz whisky! Penguin are, thank game? Float today! Turn our visit. Where today… Empty sponge: sponge: you year percent wha’ing no! Get telly, bon for a man’s percent eff wha you no! Get eff wha.

Our reference? Maybe.



Eff the effing eff

Wha the wha’ing wha wha wha

Sh the sh’ing sh

Eighty percent horse,

Get between the bleeding gums,

Set course for sunset.

Desert of the mind.

But what the ha? No no no!

Get the sponge: INSERT!

This year of Our Lord,

Happy Birthday Mister B!

Ninety-Eight today!

Turn the wheel clockwise

Crane the neck till you hear: SNAP!

High five a lady…

Off the camera…

There is nowt to see today…

Empty static fuzz…

How to say thank you!

Exorcism Saturday!

Quadruple whisky!

Penguin Emperor.

Monday socks on a Friday.

The dress code; Black tie.

Stand up, wave goodbye.

A year, decade, day for youths?

I’ve got it REAL bad!

Ersatz India.

Death of erotic dancer!

Burrito Mondays?

Lord on the telly,

Bon vivant, a poor man’s game?

Float amongst many.

Prison is the end.

Metaphysical, now real.

Maybe one visit.

Where are the clichés?

Insert season reference?

Maybe I should not!


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