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We agreed just to be friends.

With these two poems on love I’m offering two perspectives,emphasising the complexity of love and casting doubt on the onesidedness of both perspectives.

We agreed just to be friends.
we talked with coffee in the cafe that’s coming to be a home.
I guess in this world I’m not alone
though I walked that long street from your place.
I’m here in my room,it’s morning
( valentines day)
We agreed to just be friends
yet somehow I’m still heartbroken
what a day for it.
And why do I feel this was?
I have no answer
and the words aren’t flowing
just like my stumbling speech
the publishers lied
This city has hope and I’m seeing it now
We agreed to just be friends
Yet I’m still here at this time
3am and I wish I was fine
maybe it’s sad song,tired,boredom,fearful brooding
you laughed that I’d wrote “Don’t read into what she says,you muppet!”
Home is home yet it feels so bone dry
and I’m doing all I can with what I have
constraint is tight like a snare
like a burnt out flare
It was straight down to business earlier
you answered all my questions,
quinine for my qualms
if only life were that easy.
And we’re friends
though my sense of security
is still catching up.



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