A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

The Preface

As it currently stands, comments please:

“As the party popper streamers settled around plates of turkey (and all the trimmings), the Wordsmiths sought inspiration once again. We took our theme, focused our minds, and, with poised pen, we approached the page. Our idea branched in all directions, taking inspiration from a variety of random objects, yet, always, we kept our theme in mind. There is was, our theme, one in a list of randomly conjured ideas, the one most liked best – the vote winner. We meet in the part every month and share our stories and poems with each other. Now we are ready to share with a larger audience. From child devouring mountains to strange watery wedding feasts, our psyches sink and swim through our theme of ‘Reclaimed by Nature’. Creativity is the strangest thing. What comes off the end of pens bears little relation to the thoughts that initially drives them.


About Helen J Beal

I love writing, reading, sailing, water, beaches, knitting sometimes, cakes, cashmere, silk and prosecco always and the odd pork pie. Give me fresh air and a good night's sleep and I can win the world.

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