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cupit’s arrae


Ah yince kent a love like a fragile flouer
we’d talk mony a bonnie oouer.
ma spring love did depairt
tae leave a skaith in ma hairt.
No able tae Slocken
an sin ma romantic weys winnae wauken.
Mistress Wae she weill kens mi
fer I’m aye dealin wi the dule she aft sen’s mi.
Love’s dirk finds the weakest spot tae sair,
fancy an worry draw me tae the lair
Then dunt me deid doon thair.

Mony a young chiel
opens his mooth afore yaisin ‘is napper
graws wi his dearie,later tae sook the cheer aff   ‘er.
Ah feel ah mey huv fawn tae sic in this here tryst
sae gie guid rest tae ma wrist
a man
whae cupit’s arrae
hus sairly kissed.

Scots oouer aka oor = Hour in english.

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