A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

The solemn league an covenant o the guiardians ay poetry.



It wisnae like this last November
Nane spak ae ‘oor dearest member’
Weill,no thit ah kin remember
Aw poems wir saft an tender.

Stoury views ah’ll keepit weill hidden
Skyte a re-write,ye’ll dae ma biddin
Ah hae nae time fer aw this midden
The tailent in screivin’s becam Tint
Back tae the kailyaird an works gey wuidden
Nou grown up bairns ir Decadent.

Ye hae nae richt tae brak taboo
Me keekan the air aboot turned blue
Me and the cabal winnae allou
Sae muckle cowped trash tae git through.

Ye unrepentant pain in the ass
Mindan us aw thirs still a workin class
Wi raucle screed mair and mair crass.
Poetries gane tae the grave whun a pen kin screive aboot ocht
Leave the lave,dingie the mass
Howfin wurds mean yer work merits nocht!

Whae’s fashed wi hou YE feel
Takkan experience an makkan it a meal
Is nae airt houaniver mony muses oan tae it ye kin seal
Let thum dwine in yin obscure black hole ay Calcutta
-thir sense a fankled reel-
thraw thae clarty works in the gutter!


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