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Still Write, Lady Anarchy.

In my masturbatory fantasies
(really just my poetic exaggeration?)
I remember you
as Lady Anarchy
in Red and Black
Lustily living with me
and through me
you are a door I had not explored
you are memories
of back against the wall
skin and metal
last night conversations
a walk I didn’t want to make
I can hardly believe that’s where I’ve been
hardly believe myself
intolerant that it still consumes me
my brief flirt with Lady Anarchy
I touched a hand on the sacred spot of society
the smile,the laugh,the fire that burned throughout days
exposed(over exposure?) transparency(under exposure?)
I left from a cafe and was outcast from the place I’ve been since that night
I hate that I try not to love you,
and I love that I probably don’t hate you
All is well
glad you still write,
Lady Anarchy.


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