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The piss stains of present tense.


Impermanence is a beautiful woman.
She’s shy, unaware of what she is.
or she’s the type that’d tear my balls off.
those are also good.
that quirky smile that soothes all hurts.
laughter that melts disappointment.
Company that cures all fuck ups.
I’m hungry for some beauty
in an ugly world.
It’s better to be sane than sober.
And the ripples of the tides
she’s left in her wake
bound round my surface all day.
All the romantics have been hushed to bed
and poisioned by delusions in their bedside milk.
And reality isn’t in the pages of a magazine.
Somedays there’s people who make you realize why you stay alive
othertimes it’s pure stubbornness.

(Inspired by Charles Bukowski)


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