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Plot Forty-Two + [Announcement]


Hello ChiOneWednesday Subscribers and friends!

The poem below called Plot Forty-Two was originally written to be included in an anthology written by our group. Unfortunately I withdrew it (some bits I liked, some bits I hated) BUT we have indeed published an anthology of short stories and poems that is available to buy on Kindle through this link. I myself have contributed a short story and a haiku (obviously). And it’s an utter bargain at 77p! So please buy it! At the moment we have decided to use the profits to go towards having an Indian meal together. If it goes REALLY well we might consider other options! And that’s it! I would like to take this time to thank Helen for compiling the anthology and to thank you for liking and subscribing to this blog.

If you keep liking and subscribing then I’ll keep writing!




There’s a body at the allotment:

Down the end, on plot forty-two,

Is a man who toiled over his plot.

His hand held a spade that’s brand new.


He was an accountant from Angmering:

His allotment was his favourite thing,

Was some small comfort in a busy life,

Or an excuse to get away from his wife.


As help, the police, ambulances are being called,

Plot forty-two remains; a new owner will be installed.

Now the plot will be unworked; the weeds will be dense!

Hopefully the new owner will have good common sense.


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