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Ma heart is Occupied.


They say my generation is so apathetic
I’ve come across that sense but  quieter voices
tells me it ain’t true.
I was truly born in the cold snap of October’s air.
I had a vision of  human community.
What the future could see.
I have seen the future,
it’s called society
and one day,juist mibbe
It might be what I live to see.
And yeah Ah ken since then
things have been fucked up
an everyhin husnae went tae plan
bit we’re all building oan what we know
an doin the best we can
gettin better fae the mistakes
like life
ainlie this is an experiment in living together
an if we succeed,we will win the sweep stakes.
Leavin to the everyday
somehin faded an I was walking through a department store of mannequins
success is in a harmonious society
not in the accumulation of things.
I believe an ayewis will
if we work together
we can win
we can talk together to find an see
the future
a place Ah hold close,
a place Ah call Society.
Ah know it might sound corny
Ma heart is occupied.

(About Occupy Brighton.
I remember the first day. When the camp began it was the most beautiful human loving community I’ve ever seen.It’s one of the most memorable events of my life.It’s stayed with me through everything.It gives me hope.It tells that what Occupy could be despite problems and difficulties.I remember leaving and thinking how inferior ‘normal’ society felt.)

Brighton tent protest 3 pb242283-2011-11-24-at-11-57-21 occupy brighton first day first day of occupy brighton Oct 2011


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