A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

The Island.

Thir wis an Island
cut oaf fae it
aw thit presentit a warl wioot flaw.
Ainlie fer the intelligent clesses
yitt nae time fer thaim wi magnifyin glesses
it’s law buiks clean up dirty messes…
“This is a safe space”
yin ay thaim protestit
thon same, closed een oan folk molestit.
Ane bisom wis gien tae speir
” why ah’m treatit warse thinn a  dug”
a maister bit back, “why ir ye here”
an skelped  ‘ir oan the lug.
 Cairred oan,
“This circle’s gote nae time fer yer advice”
an wapped  awey the vyce.
Sic donnert dozent glaikit acts irnae wyce
thae habits stert smaa thinn nibble lik mice….
Nou thon Island’s deid!
baith smeddum and virr turnt tae weed.
pouers currency draws fae a well ay greed,
gin ainlie they hud taen tent insteid.

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