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Dutch Serendipity in Edinburgh

I came into the room
instantly like a star illuminating
you struck my eye with a ray
of magic
which never left that whole night
and next day
I didn’t know what to say
I wondered if you were flirting
from the second sideways glances
who knew the romances
it was your birthday
and what better way
than for me to be outside
getting air, it being too hot inside
to find your friends telling me
in a high school like way
that you liked me and me saying
I felt the same way
and what more was there to say
them going in to get you to come talk
and me anticipating the awkward conversation
as over to me you walk
and me fumbling over words
but you’ve already heard
so we’re there in the specialty of a kiss
my god that for the world I would not’ve miss
the scene becomes like a dream
quite unreal
as we are entangled in each others presence
each others breath and sigh
a wind beneath us where we fly
to the sounds of American Pie
who would’ve guessed this
of this night oh my
I feel like your face
is the face of time
and I am no longer
me there’s only existence
and this wonder that’s stolen all of mine
yet hers to keep and in her effervescence I steep
she is honey and sweet rhyme
flowing from a place of peace
a place visited least
We talk
hours float away
like migratory birds
some of the sweetest of words
and I hold her in my arms
keeping us both safe
from the world’s harms
and nothing is wrong,
everything is fine
and I can’t believe it
I smile.


I say when
can I see you again
she says Thursday
sounds good to me
and I hope I can wait so long
my feelings
for her
so strong..
and I hope she hasn’t changed her mind
my insecurity sweeps the field like it’s Valkyrie
and scoops up bodies of blessed times
It will be fine
It …will be fine
It will be…fine?
I hope…


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