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if you knew

You call me lazy when I sleep in
maybe it’s because you’ve taught me
to feel I’m crap and so I struggle to try
You call me wild when I go out
little wonder why
you make the atmosphere hostile
crackling with cudgels of
I’m your family
yet I feel like the enemy
I’m out at the pub
at night
trying to cope with this life
with the empty space
in my wallet
and the same in my heart
do I have a chance
in hell
to show and tell
to make you understand
where I’m coming from
or is it all a waste of time
make up your mind
I’m bored of being in
being around
and being lost in the sound
of loneliness
Ticking all these boxes
dotting I’s and putting crosses
just to keep a grip
on sanity
on society
on my humanity
and it takes so much
to get up in a day
to face yet another onslaught
of the same shit
feeling like there’s no other way
so I hope you’d say sorry
if you knew
I’d like to think that’s what you’d say
and keep those judgements
in your head
keep them far away
oh just maybe…


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