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Two Weeks

It has been two weeks.

I thought I better write it.

Put it in haiku.


Had two interviews

Prepped myself to sleepless nights

Much information


Was in no man’s land

Bounding back and forth from them

Drawing lines in sand


Seeing memories

Rottingdean windmill looks down

Long coastal road back


This suit is too tight

It’s just another concern

Leave it for future


The sun shone throughout

Guess you take the positives

Even the smallest


Answer the questions

My Angela Merkel hands

I am here, present


Oh these trembling hands!

Not when I poured out water

From jug into glass


Sitting and waiting

In the meantime there’s failure

Time for some feedback


Not the solid tone

Patterned tie with slight stripe shirt

Colour scheme is blue


All of that research

Give me numbers, facts, good stats

Put them on paper


Let’s go to the west

Those busy business buildings

Hang on like limpet


Please do not mind me

Genial, knowledgeable

Yes! Of course I am!


Exit roundabout

Don’t know much about Fareham

Just a Sussex lad


Sense of momentum

Get something out of two weeks

Call me, please call me.


Coda to Two Weeks;

Unsuccessful it does seem.

Go to bed; get up.


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5 Foot 5, Left handed, Aquarius, Human being.

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