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[Announcement – Indefinite Hiatus]

Bloody hell! Haven’t done a post like this for a while!


So yeah as you can tell I’m putting the brakes on this project.


I have mixed emotions to be honest – on one hand I’m happy and on the other I feel quite sad.[i] Looking back to where I started I can’t quit believe[ii] how I managed to put out a haiku on a “regular”[iii] basis, in spite of some circumstances such as wordpress’ infallible post scheduling system[iv] and being on holiday halfway round the world and of course – the classic and token – writer’s block/apathy. And yes, I know and you know, that there have been some up here that have been published just for the sake of being published. However, I think forcing myself to be creative on a regular basis – however minor – is the right way to go with things[v]. And to lift the curtain a bit, there have been some occasions on a late Wednesday evening where I thought “#@!* I better write a haiku then…”.


But to be honest I leave things in a good place rather then a bad one. I enjoy writing haikus and still do, but it feels like a shackle now that I want to take off. The last couple I really enjoyed writing but I’m not all there now. I’m going off in a different creative direction[vi] and weekly haikuing doesn’t cut it for me RIGHT NOW. That’s why I’m using the phrase – “indefinite hiatus”. Now of course music bands use the phrase but I feel it’s accurate because I’m stopping and I have NO IDEA whether I’ll come back or not. You know this isn’t some stunt to get more subscribers or publicise myself further – it’s just how I feel.


Right[vii] – I really enjoyed getting your likes – THEY ARE ALL APPRECIATED. In fact I like the likes more then any other aspects such as “the stats”. When I started I used to stat watch daily, then weekly, then monthly, then not at all because I didn’t care in the end. What I get is email notifications of people liking my stuff and I really enjoy that. And yes I have my regulars[viii] like we all do but there’s a sense of community – no matter how diverse and far flung, that I really feel happy to be part of.


And now to wind the clock WAY BACK…

 My first post looking back from the day I write this. There’s a lot to process[ix] but what I want to draw your attention to is the likes – especially the fourth one. That is Ray Ferrer who I wrote a haiku for who sadly passed away. As you can see he was someone who liked my post and it meant a lot. It was one of my first and I had no idea who he was or where he was. He just liked my haiku and that was it. That’s all it takes. Thank you Ray.


Bloody hell this is a long one. I’ll leave it there. If you have questions[x] go ahead. BUT THAT’S IT.


Take care,

Take care,

Take care,

Your Haiku Friend,



[i] Cliché – can’t be bothered to think of anything original.

[ii] Please excuse this – or in fact – this entire essay’s smug, self-satisfied, ego gratifying tone. I’M BEING SINCERE AND HONEST PLS.

[iii] Note -“” usage signifying sarcasm.

[iv] WTF WORDPRESS?!?!?!

[v] For me – in your case, humble reader, I’m not too sure

[vi] I’ll leave it there – I strongly believe in “ring-fencing” certain aspects of myself.

[vii] Pls note I’m writing off the cuff

[viii] Hello to you.

[ix] See the junk surrounding the post.

[x] Please validate my existence.


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