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Humiliation A long and steep learning curve Make boys into men. Advertisements

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I’m the gatekeeper I will let you where you want But not that way friend   Please do listening Pay attention to the words No mate you cannot.

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An Ordered House

Papers are all filed Folders are in their places The desk is now clear   There is so much space The vacuuming and dusting Washing and laundry   Stationery neat … Continue reading

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No Not Right Now

Please! No not right now! There’s so much complicated… Stuff, and this and that.

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The Pool

The deep black water See darkness on the surface Plunging in both feet   Its night with the moon Old house standing the background Dark green atmosphere   Pool is … Continue reading

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Ah that ambition Pulling you several ways Hopefully forwards.

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On Tour

Write club are on tour! Going to haunt Chichester! Everyone beware!   Adieu usual! Write club trying the new stuff! Something different!   Let’s be creative! Yeah! Write the hell … Continue reading

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I Got What I Wanted

Talking about it Laid in bed thinking of it Wrote haikus on it   Visualised the scene Saw myself doing the thing Ended perfectly   After some waiting Ha! I … Continue reading

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I’ve Somehow Hurt My Foot

Side of my foot hurts Must have done it in these boots In the past seemed fine   Hope it’s a one off Decided not to walk now I have … Continue reading

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Keep it all simple I will map out all the paths Find what I want there   I will write it down Talk to others for knowledge All to understand. … Continue reading

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