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A Rainbow

Constantly rain, cold The daytime sun cloaked in grey All hoods are pulled up   Nothing on today Watches rain from the inside Ends up with headache   Of course it … Continue reading

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Whisky List Autumn 2014

 §  Drink responsibly people!   [] MbP § That Glenmorangie One-litre lots of whisky So long and malty   One plastic bottle And it’s just convenient But Lauder’s of course … Continue reading

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One cool autumn night Frog jumps into moonlit pond. Splash! Into water.   Under the ripples. Swimming through the murky pool. Emerge. A soft croak.

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A Short One Before Deadline (2/10/13)

Look at autumn clouds A chink of light amongst grey Words fall like hammers.

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A Field in Sussex

Wind brushes the field Blows over the dry brown leaves Slight dew on the grass.   Sun low, pink red sky There’s a cold now, a slight chill The dark … Continue reading

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It’s Autumn (2013)

I enjoy autumn Those days when the sky’s gone grey The threat of drizzle   Weeks of constant rain Puddles forming on pavement Bitter biting wind   Finding warmer coat … Continue reading

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Ma heart is Occupied.

They say my generation is so apathetic I’ve come across that sense but  quieter voices tells me it ain’t true. I was truly born in the cold snap of October’s … Continue reading

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Sleep Haiku #3

He dreamed of high school. Of the halls and corridors. His footsteps echoed. Playing basketball As the rays of spring sunshine Lit up the school gym. Of the rainy walks … Continue reading

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Wind Down

The sky’s gone grey now An icy chill in the wind October coming Yet the sun still shines But warmer clothes are needed A scarf pulled tightly This time of … Continue reading

October 18, 2012 · 1 Comment

Two Breadmakers

Just two Breadmakers? Be still this recession now! Bread time forever!   The family here, As the yellow tree leaves fall Breaking the warm bread.   Red indicators! Different colours, … Continue reading

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