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[Announcement – Indefinite Hiatus]

Bloody hell! Haven’t done a post like this for a while!   So yeah as you can tell I’m putting the brakes on this project.   I have mixed emotions … Continue reading

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Thank you Ray

RIP Ray Ferrer – and -MbP  §  A thank you for Ray Your work and support helped me To do all this. Thanks!

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I’m Recommitting

I’m recommitting Demanding some things will change This situation   Sunshine pours on desk One blank page needs to be worked All the focus there.

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Is it Thursday?

Is it Thursday now? Should I be putting something? In this space right here?

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On Tour

Write club are on tour! Going to haunt Chichester! Everyone beware!   Adieu usual! Write club trying the new stuff! Something different!   Let’s be creative! Yeah! Write the hell … Continue reading

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In the Morning

Morning time today Try hard to be creative Rabbit out of hat   Clock starts ticking down But running out of time to To do this, do that   Ah … Continue reading

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Fill This Space

I will fill this space Your haikuist based near Chi Every Thursday   I will fill this space With carefully chosen words In poetic form   I will fill this … Continue reading

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Let’s Be More Interesting

Thinking about it Let’s be more interesting For pity’s sake! Please!   I know! I know! Yes! But it’s good to have some things. Other interests.   Books in library … Continue reading

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Jetpack Pioneer

This is the concept Calculations and design Sketches on paper   It’s not a bother Just a failed experiment More tests are needed   Jetpack pioneer Flying through the blue … Continue reading

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