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Ma heart is Occupied.

They say my generation is so apathetic I’ve come across that sense but  quieter voices tells me it ain’t true. I was truly born in the cold snap of October’s … Continue reading

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Love poems series.

1. I used to be a dreamer but then I woke up the cup was overflowing but taking a sip,cut my lip on the cup. 2. We drank and talked … Continue reading

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Still Write, Lady Anarchy.

In my masturbatory fantasies (really just my poetic exaggeration?) I remember you as Lady Anarchy in Red and Black Lustily living with me and through me you are a door … Continue reading

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Life Isn’t Something You Can Just Leave

          Life isn’t something you can just leave. Sometimes it’ll take you somewhere nice It’ll give you all the joys and pleasures you feel you deserve … Continue reading

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