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Love poems series.

1. I used to be a dreamer but then I woke up the cup was overflowing but taking a sip,cut my lip on the cup. 2. We drank and talked … Continue reading

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The Island.

Thir wis an Island cut oaf fae it aw thit presentit a warl wioot flaw. Ainlie fer the intelligent clesses yitt nae time fer thaim wi magnifyin glesses it’s law … Continue reading

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The solemn league an covenant o the guiardians ay poetry.

        It wisnae like this last November Nane spak ae ‘oor dearest member’ Weill,no thit ah kin remember Aw poems wir saft an tender. Stoury views ah’ll … Continue reading

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David and Nick: An Erotic Tale

“Everyone is bisexual. Almost everyone has the sexual potential for anything.” Ken Livingstone, Speech to Harrow Gay Unity Group, 18th August 1981. (Ref. “Thank you George, that’ll be all.” … Continue reading

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Introduction: Part satire, part farce, part political commentary. No offense intended to any figures mentioned except the Scottish Tories and Lib Dems. Most Scots used here is modern Scots heard … Continue reading

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