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Love poems series.

1. I used to be a dreamer but then I woke up the cup was overflowing but taking a sip,cut my lip on the cup. 2. We drank and talked … Continue reading

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The Island.

Thir wis an Island cut oaf fae it aw thit presentit a warl wioot flaw. Ainlie fer the intelligent clesses yitt nae time fer thaim wi magnifyin glesses it’s law … Continue reading

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cupit’s arrae

                        Ah yince kent a love like a fragile flouer we’d talk mony a bonnie oouer. ma spring love … Continue reading

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The solemn league an covenant o the guiardians ay poetry.

        It wisnae like this last November Nane spak ae ‘oor dearest member’ Weill,no thit ah kin remember Aw poems wir saft an tender. Stoury views ah’ll … Continue reading

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Love Lies.

  Love isnae aboot cairds or cuddly bears Love’s aboot bein wi somebdy an no huvin any cares. Love isnae foond in the sayin Love lies in the daean. Mony … Continue reading

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Tae Wordsmith Wednesday.

  Bye tae the crew, ah’m awfie sorry tae be leavin you bit ah maun move oan an start ma life anew. Cheers tae Yez! Fer these guid times, Ah … Continue reading

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Rose/Thistle Antisyzygy

In the Cauld Novemeber Froast Thair ah um oan the Sussex Coast Far fae hame,fae aw ah ken Stranger in a fremmit land,gey loast.   Bognor toon ah’ve gote tae … Continue reading

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Desiderata(in Scots)

Desiderata(in Scots)     Scots translation and slight re-interpretation of Desiderata. See the original here *** Desiderata Gang cantie amang the rammie an wheech, an member whit peace thir aye … Continue reading

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Foosty Auld Philosophers.

Hear this Autodidact weill learnt laddie says tae yous fae the academy -whit guid is metaphysics, fer mi? Unkent tae real warl dealin’s yer unco birled in yer ane feelin’s … Continue reading

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Address to a Woodlousey

          Yer a wee humble hing wha moves wi oot clatter or ding But ae yer praises ah’ll sing wee woodlousey. Ah’m sorry ma wee freend … Continue reading

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