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The Advancing Dark

Rain pounded the earth around the yard. It flowed along pathways of gravel and cobblestones until it found drains. It came down hard on the trees and shrubs. There was … Continue reading

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About some Stuff that happens.

  Brian was really depressed.His really ordinary Peruvian nudist village.He was facing layoffs at his job,his hobby had become stale as cushions and his wife had grown cold to him. … Continue reading

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Love Under An Umbrella

PDF: Love Under An Umbrella John Mant leaned back in his chair, loosened his top button, and adjusted his tunic. A few spots of wine darkened his cuff; red on scarlet … Continue reading

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8 Tips on How to Write a Short Story from Kurt Vonnegut

1) Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted 2) Give the reader at least one … Continue reading

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The Jigsaw Fairy

As he turned the key in the back door lock, Dan thought about the last time he’d been here. It had been over three years since the final, most tumultuous … Continue reading

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The Thought Collector

I am tense. I am bent over. I am contemplating the human condition. My elbow is on its opposite knee, my chin rests on the back of my hand. I … Continue reading

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