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All White

Been snowing for days There’s a burning log fire Out window: All white. Advertisements

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In From the Cold

One long hard winter Those blasts of cold wind in face The chill on your bones   Fallen tree branches The black ice on the dark roads To be somewhere … Continue reading

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Slipped on some black ice. Some guy stops, asks, “Are you hurt?” “Just my pride,” I say. + On the way back home A car in a sea of snow … Continue reading

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The Dullard

^V^V^ Haven’t checked email. Don’t answer the telephone. Open letters? Nope. ^V^V^ This house is quite cold Look at snow out the window Put a jumper on. ^V^V^ Don’t see … Continue reading

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Sleep Haiku #3

He dreamed of high school. Of the halls and corridors. His footsteps echoed. Playing basketball As the rays of spring sunshine Lit up the school gym. Of the rainy walks … Continue reading

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Sleep Haiku #2

Head on soft pillow, Holding hot water bottle, Duvet pulled tightly.   Outside there is snow Which dusts the garden and house And freezes the pond.   A white December … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Cat

Portrait of a cat: Hung up on the hallway wall, It’s eyes staring out. Old family cat: Laid on its side, legs outstretched, Tortoiseshell coloured. On a red cushion, With … Continue reading

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Christmas Snow (A Christmas Villanelle)

**** Authors Note: This month’s exercise. And yes I know it is still November. MbP **** My thoughts turn to Christmas Snow Warm houses with family cheer As the winter wind … Continue reading

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