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The Universe itself as a road.

You talk about me and you as if there’s a difference it’s all the same stuff arranged and put out rough equally carbon based when your in the buff I … Continue reading

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Ma heart is Occupied.

They say my generation is so apathetic I’ve come across that sense but  quieter voices tells me it ain’t true. I was truly born in the cold snap of October’s … Continue reading

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Love poems series.

1. I used to be a dreamer but then I woke up the cup was overflowing but taking a sip,cut my lip on the cup. 2. We drank and talked … Continue reading

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The Island.

Thir wis an Island cut oaf fae it aw thit presentit a warl wioot flaw. Ainlie fer the intelligent clesses yitt nae time fer thaim wi magnifyin glesses it’s law … Continue reading

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The young won’t show respect if you load the deck.

Reply to poem by AlwaysCaliban called Kids these days- **** It’s always the prerogative of the old to find a younger generation to scold, but for every 4 horror stories … Continue reading

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