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I’m Recommitting

I’m recommitting Demanding some things will change This situation   Sunshine pours on desk One blank page needs to be worked All the focus there. Advertisements

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An Ordered House

Papers are all filed Folders are in their places The desk is now clear   There is so much space The vacuuming and dusting Washing and laundry   Stationery neat … Continue reading

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Busy, crowded streets The many people around Residents, others   It’s quite a contrast Everywhere is so busy Different from home   Promenade is filled People sat out and eating … Continue reading

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Random Photos from a Wedding

(Dedicated to the Ws)   Pre-wedding posing Outside church one summer noon Groom waits at church door.   Family photos After the ceremony. We went for a pint.   Dining … Continue reading

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No More Wine

No more wine thank you Whisky, ale pints, some white wine Been drunk already   On first name basis With the alcohol giver Regret it later   Quench thirst in … Continue reading

August 29, 2013 · 1 Comment

Runner Out of Shape

Running tee is tight The stomach bulges below Had to dust off shoes   Fear of some shin splints Do the warm ups and the downs There’s ache all over … Continue reading

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Nightmare #5

____ In goes the slow knife The eyes flicker, go glassy The body goes limp ____ Did it at noon time In the bright summer sunlight But yet–still not caught … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #6

Herringbone jacket. Marry family for cash. Cigarettes, baguettes.   That Summer Thursday, That’s a lot of complex carbs Fun from a fairground.   As I fade away Read to me … Continue reading

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Seduced at the Kebab Shop

A August Tuesday; Seduced at the kebab shop. Oh! Such a surprise! Girl, yes, a short girl, Belched over open lager And set eyes on me. But no! Not today. … Continue reading

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Sleep Haiku #3

He dreamed of high school. Of the halls and corridors. His footsteps echoed. Playing basketball As the rays of spring sunshine Lit up the school gym. Of the rainy walks … Continue reading

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