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Surreal Haiku #10

The practical joke! Super rich to the Mayans Now this car breaks down   Unexpected meet Application for future Concert in a field   Today, believe it! Sorry to the … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #9

*Apologies for lateness, WordPress is being extremely useless today MbP Crawling on all fours Empty swimming pool of minds Racing to the top   Mountains of green trees The truck … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #8

Cat’s paw rock back forth. Beckon in the good luck. PLEASE! Appreciated. — No, not right now life. Don’t flick me on my cold nose. I’m patient like sloth. — … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #7

____ Perils of bird’s nest, Hairdresser haircut thyself, Combing through the soup. ____ Sing: song of Samson. He turns and looks back at her. Into the me pool. ____

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Surreal Haiku #6

Herringbone jacket. Marry family for cash. Cigarettes, baguettes.   That Summer Thursday, That’s a lot of complex carbs Fun from a fairground.   As I fade away Read to me … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #5

It’s bloody Zorro! Clapping with bloody flesh stumps Painting with dry blood.   It’s gone! Far far gone! You had it and then it’s lost Can of tomatoes.   It’s … Continue reading

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On Fire

One winter evening Spontaneous combustion Now I’m on fire

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Knee Jerk Reaction (Surreal Haiku #4)

Knee jerk reaction Searches: Dead animal pics. I am here. Hello! A carcass tableau. Damn! Valentine’s day revenge, Norwegian butcher. Send application. Autumn comes after Summer Forward to failing.

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Surreal Haiku #3 [Processed/Unprocessed]

+++ Processed through the Cut-Up Machine. Re-edited to make it, somewhat, readable. MbP +++ [Processed] Nowt a vivant, the poor clockwise Crane the game? Float for wave amongst percent dress … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #2

**** She had eyes so brown. Grew bigger and flowed from eyes. I clearly drowning. **** Did kill me stone dead A tin of chopped tomatoes Hit like wet Spring … Continue reading

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