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[Announcement – Indefinite Hiatus]

Bloody hell! Haven’t done a post like this for a while!   So yeah as you can tell I’m putting the brakes on this project.   I have mixed emotions … Continue reading

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This intermission Right now – will reconsider Normal service soon.

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Cannot move forward Today have reached an impasse Try again later.

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Let’s Be More Interesting

Thinking about it Let’s be more interesting For pity’s sake! Please!   I know! I know! Yes! But it’s good to have some things. Other interests.   Books in library … Continue reading

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Such is Life etc

The current status: A block: There’s difficulties. Mid twenties malaise.   Oh deep woe is me! Women please don’t weep for me! Smallest violin.   Need some nourishment Reading: labour … Continue reading

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A Short One Before Deadline (2/10/13)

Look at autumn clouds A chink of light amongst grey Words fall like hammers.

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Loose Ends

Tying up loose ends Ignoring what is right there Finish what I start   I’m spending my time Completing unfinished thoughts Otherwise nothing   Hopefully some sparks Get back into … Continue reading

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Three Weeks Non-Haikuing

Not been writing much. Certainly not haikuing. Better write some. Now!

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