A group of writers in Chichester coming together once a month for inspiration, collaboration and sensation

Who are ChiOneWednesday?

ChiOneWednesday is a group of wordsmiths based in and around Chichester, a small but perfectly formed Roman/Georgian city just beyond the South Downs in West Sussex, England near enough to the sea to be harassed by the gulls. Our group spans all ages, backgrounds, experience, genres and genders – we count novelists, poets, short story tellers and song writers amongst us – but one thing we all have in common is a passion for The Word. Or to be more precise, WORDS, WORDS and many more WORDS!

We meet once a month on a Wednesday in the Park Tavern, a pub next to the very picturesque Priory Park where the gentle knock of willow echoes and William Blake was once tried for sedition, following his discovery of a soldier relieving himself in his garden in nearby Felpham and making some unsavoury remarks about the King and his army as a result. He was acquitted.

Over a few hours in the evening we share our work, out-loud, with each other, encouraging and critiquing in equal measure. Sometimes we set exercises to help spark our imaginations, often they’ve run quite wild enough on their own. This blog is mainly for us to share our writing with each other for when we are apart, but also to share it with the wider world. Please feel free to encourage and critique us at will. Or even join us, wherever you are.


2 comments on “Who are ChiOneWednesday?

  1. keep your youth forever
    July 20, 2012

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog, and so I nominated you for this award!

  2. helenjbeal
    July 20, 2012

    Hey Clara,

    Thanks so much for the nomination! Very kind 🙂 I followed the link to your site and I don’t think though that we can meet some of the criteria – this is a blog primarily set up for our writers’ group to share our work with each other and we only launched in the last couple of weeks so I don’t think we can manage the number of links etc. required. However, we wish you the very best of success with yours.

    Best regards, ChiOneWednesday.

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