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I Guess I’m Moving On

I thought about you Now, I guess I’m moving on Oh with this, with that   These past winter months Put my head down kept going I made a breakthrough … Continue reading

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Winter turning spring You carry on down the road Go along with things   Experiences Good and bad you take them all Wind blows leaves, rubbish   As the year … Continue reading

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The Business Park

The large central lake Jets of water shoot in air A swan lands in it   Suit walking about Jacket is off backpack on Black shoes well polished   There’s … Continue reading

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The Train Journey

On train to somewhere I know just bits and pieces Of this long journey   Today it has rained Forecast suggests otherwise Maybe see some sun   It is a … Continue reading

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Jetpack Pioneer

This is the concept Calculations and design Sketches on paper   It’s not a bother Just a failed experiment More tests are needed   Jetpack pioneer Flying through the blue … Continue reading

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At a Pub/Bar/Restaurant Kind of Deal in Chi

Idiot maybe. That cold spring Saturday night; I got there early.   Stood isolated Slowly sinking a cold beer, Looking sheepishly.   I like this new place; Attractive girl policy; … Continue reading

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Surreal Haiku #5

It’s bloody Zorro! Clapping with bloody flesh stumps Painting with dry blood.   It’s gone! Far far gone! You had it and then it’s lost Can of tomatoes.   It’s … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Loved Sigur Ros

This haiku is for The girl who loved Sigur Ros CD was nine pounds.   I wonder now if She sits and listens to Takk…  On warm spring evenings.

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A Town by the Sea

Dedicated to the rubbish start to Spring 2013 in the UK.  +++  A town by the sea The cold seawater strikes land This is where I live   Throws up … Continue reading

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Thursday the Thirteenth

Thursday the thirteenth, It’s head against the wall time. You try and you fail! Out the window, rain. It’s April! It was sunny! Just think, c’est la vie. Now I’m … Continue reading

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